Under 300lbs for the first time in 18 years

I weighed on Saturday the 8th of Jan 2011 and figured out that I weighed 298.6, which put me under 300 pounds for the first time in at least 17 years.

I have been doing some calculating in my head and I estimate that by the time I was 9 I was over 100 pounds, by the time I was 16 I was a little over 200 and by the time I was 23 I was at least 300 pounds and I know for a fact I got to 400 right before I turned 29.  This means every 7 years or so from 9 years old I was gaining 100 pounds, that is about 14 pounds a year.

Then began the yo-yoing, I was 423 then 385 then from 1999 to 2002 I gained an amazing amount of weight because of a relationship I was in that was kind of messed up and my own lack of self control.  I went from 385 to 450 in 3 years with a lot of ups and downs until when the relationship ended in 2002 I was 440 pounds.  Over the next few years I went from 445 to 420 to 430 to 417 to 460 and back then managed to stay pretty stable  at 440 for 5 years.

Finally the weight took its tole and by the time I was 36 I had end stage osteoarthritis in my knees, my cholesterol was borderline bad and my triglycerides were getting really bad, I had sleep apnea and was headed for worse. I finally after years of putting it off out of fear decided to see about getting Weight loss surgery.

They put me on a 6 month diet and I did nothing, I didn’t even try, I would go into my General Practitioner’s and her nurse would talk to me and since their scale did not weigh me I had to go to the hospital to weigh.  When my surgeon accepted me I was 440 pounds and he was not happy with the idea of operating on me at that size and told me not to gain.

I was pretty stupid over those 6 months, “Last Suppering” it left and right and drinking a lot, especially beer which put on an extra 13 pounds.  On July 27th, one week before my Aug 3rd surgery date I weighed in the WLS Surgeons office and weighed in at 463 pounds, my all time known high weight.  In my only defense the scales at the hospital I weighed on showed I had gained 4 pounds, but since the surgeon’s were the scales I had first weighed in on they were the ones that counted and they said 13 pounds gained in 3 month.

The funny thing is until the moment my surgeon came in and said we are canceling your surgery and “you have to lose 33 pounds and keep it off for 3 months before I will operate on you” I was not even sure I wanted WLS, I was doing it out of desperation with a certain grudging willingness.  That all changed when I realized I might not get it after all.  Trust me I cried.

The Physician’s Assistant Annie came in and told me that they wanted to put me on the South Beach Diet, she explained it to me and it made so much sense and it was so easy compared to a lot of stuff I had done that I was determined to give it a go.  My grandmother bought me the South Beach book and I read the entire thing and learned a lot about how food works in the body.

I went on phase one (highly restrictive of carbs in general) and in 2 weeks I had dropped 18 pounds, I stayed on Phase one for 3 weeks and lost 21 pounds total.  I then very slowly moved into Phase 3 (restrictive on simple carbs) and over the next 2 months I lost the 33 pounds.

Now came the scary part for me, keeping it off, I continued with Phase 3 and over the next 3 months I lost another 10 pounds and we scheduled the surgery for 3 months farther down the road so that it would be Spring and so that I had a chance to lose more weight if I could. Over the next 2 months i only managed to lose about 4 pounds but I held that weight steady and that mattered.

I got involved with Alex in March and my surgery was scheduled for one month later.  I was worried because every relationship I had had was so fraught with fear and doubt that I gained weight by stress eating and yet my relationship with Alex was nothing like that.  I quickly learned I could trust him, not just because he was a good man but because I had grown a lot more confident and in control of myself in the 14 months since the end of my last horrible relationship.  I did not gain, in fact Alex helped give me motivation to lose 8 more pounds for a total of 52 pounds lost.

I went into Surgery weighing 411 pounds, something I had not weighed in over 10 years at that point.

in the 8 1/2 months since my Duodenal Switch surgery on April 27th 2010 I have lost 115 pounds and I am still losing.


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