I just got my FitBit yesterday and started wearing it at midnight today.
I really hope this will help give me the motivation I need to get from very very low activity to a reasonable amount by the end of the year.   My arthritis makes it so hard to motivate to walk and even though I have lost 166 pounds I still weigh nearly 300 pounds and that much weight on destroyed knees is still horribly painful at times.  Though I have to say that the times when it really hurts to the point of tears are becoming fewer and farther between thankfully.
I cooked a ham shank for grandma yesterday and had just a few oz of it and the salt and nitrates are killing my joints, I am use to pain in my knees since they have end stage arthritis (this means NO cartilage and dozens and dozens of micro fractures from my weight grinding them down) but the pain in my fingers, neck, ankles and even toes is extra annoying.  It makes what is already annoying really painful as far as walking is concerned.

I was going to go to the gym alone (which I HATE) but I just realized I will not get a parking spot anywhere near my apt when I come home (Alex’s car fits in the garage so we usually go in his car after he gets off work)  My goal is to work out 3 days a week in the pool right now so I am going to go Wed evening while Alex is doing his late late work shift.  right now I am going to force myself to go walk around the parking lot at least once maybe twice, who knows maybe it will help me sleep

I love to work out with Alex my fiance when he gets off work between 12:30 am and 2:30 am (weird schedule), but he went in an hour and a half late cause of MLK day so he wont get off til very late and he says he is exhausted so I will go alone..pout.  Ok to be honest I dont love it, I love the time with Alex in the water and if working out is what gets me that time…LOL I will do it


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