Great big pot of EASY Chicken tortilla soup (recipe)

Bake 10oz of skinless chicken tenderloins (this leaves you with about 8 oz after cooking) in a baking dish with a cup of water and some chili powder and Mrs Dash Zesty with one 3oz snack bag of baby carrots

Dice the chicken and the carrots and pour them and the juices they cooked into a large pot

to the pot add:

one can of Progresso Tortilla y Pollo (Chicken Tortilla) soup

2 cups of water

1 can of stewed tomatoes with juices

1 can of well rinsed low sodium Kidney Beans

1 can of well rinsed fancy/kitchen cut green beans

a small amount of seasoning to taste, chili powder and no MSG added Chicken bullion, give it time to cook in with the soup before adding more seasoning.


Bring soup to a boil and turn on low for 30 mins.

The entire pot is 1235 Calories, 16 grams of fat, 165 carbs, (37g of fiber, 50g of Sugar) and 109 grams of protein and makes 5.5 pounds( approx 2400g) which makes ten 8 oz servings

one 8oz serving is approx 125calories, 1.6 grams of fat, 16grams carbs (4g fiber, 5g sugar) and 11 grams of protein



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