Apple a day… curbing hunger I hope

For the last month I have barely been eating carbs and that sadly included vegetables and fruit, I never intended to give up vegetables but it just seemed so hard to get them into my diet in ways that did not upset my stomach and I had decided to wait three weeks to start eating fruit after new years.
For the last week of monitoring my calories and walking with my FITBIT I realized I was way over where I wanted/was suppose to be (1200-1400 calories) and I was hungry all the time. I also was getting next to no fiber in my diet.
I decided to add an apple a day, cut into slices and eaten a little at a time with some cheese as well as a little more in the way of vegetables (in homemade soup and today 2 oz of sweet potato) and it has worked at least for today.
I am under 1250 calories and while I did not get to work out tonight I did do two long walks including all over wal-mart looking for Hershey’s Special Dark flavored cocoa (Wal-mart is the only place I have found it in town) and I am barely able to eat my 4 oz of chicken breast and 2 oz of sweet potato cause I feel full.


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