Loving my Fitbit and walking all over hell and breakfast

We did not make it to the gym today but I did better, I usually work out in the pool for 25 mins because that is about the point that the cold gets to me, (since weight loss surgery I get cold faster) and yet today I walked around Wal-mart for 42 mins taking over 1000 steps (thanks FITBIT)


As recently as 2 weeks ago I would of been taking the mart cart around the store and tonight I walked all over it for the second time this week. Having the physical proof of how much I can walk, how many calories I take in, how many grams of fiber, fat and protein I take in and how much liquid really helps.
I did not realize I was not eating enough fiber til I saw it in writing or that it was part of why I was so damn hungry all the time. Just adding an extra 10g of fiber has cut about 400 calories a day off my daily intake this week and made me feel better.
I was taking a protein drink every day and then realized I am on average getting a LOT of protein through my diet, I now save the rather expensive powder for after workouts and for days I am below 75gms a day at 11:30 at night, which to be honest has not happened for 2 weeks.
I feel like I am finally really taking charge of my health, even with the weight loss surgery I was sort of floating along, losing weight because with only 25% of your stomach and bypassed intestines it is hard not to lose weight at first. I was eating ok, until mid November and then I began to slip into old habits even though they made me feel awful over time.
A lot of people suggest I give myself one day a week to not worry or diet, I know myself and I know I would abuse the hell out that too easily. I have decided to give myself one “FREE DAY” a month, one day without the Fitbit on or at least not stressing about it, and one day of no dieting.
I will eat reasonably of course since not doing so hurts physically but if I want to share a piece of pie with Alex or go to a restaurant and eat a reasonable meal I will do so, for one day a month.
Right now at least unless I can ask for weights on food, calorie info or look it up on line before I go I really just dont eat much at restaurants these days. I might have a chicken breast with a dipping sauce and veggies or a small weighed steak because I can then input that but so much restaurant food has hidden calories so I avoid it. I do like to go and have a drink, tea or coffee or a cup of soup and visit or draw but I just dont feel the need to eat like I was before.
I pretty much have to accept that, as much as I may not want it to be, this is my life from now on, I will never be able to eat like “normal” but I can eat well, I can enjoy life and take care of myself and I can live long enough to enjoy the love and life I have.


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