SF Protein Chai Latte Recipes

I have a couple of chai recipes that work well with Vanilla Protein powder for a yummy chai latte.

The one I prefer is to use a homemade Chai concentrates



5-6 Chai tea bags, 3 black tea bags and a few other flavors like ginger spice or cinnamon orange (I like to change up my mixes and sometimes use mulling spice tea as well)

brew at least 8 teabags (up to 12) in a 10 cup coffee pot for up to an hour and let let cool, remove teabags and store in the fridge in a tightly sealed container and use within a week


50 oz cold water

6 black tea bags

1-2 cinnamon sticks

10-15 cloves

6 lightly crushed cardamon pods

1 or 2 slices of fresh ginger (peeled)

Vanilla extract or half a vanilla bean split down the middle

4-6 black peppers

put everything in the water in a large pan and slowly bring to a low boil, as soon as it begins to bubble remove from heat and allow to sit for 20 mins, cool and store in air tight container in fridge for 1 week


How to make Protein Chai Latte

warm 8 to 10 oz of milk in the microwave, do not allow to boil, you just want it warm

Add 1/2 a scoop of vanilla protein powder to the milk

you can also add 1 oz of Sugar Free flavored syrup to it (optional)  I like Vanilla, brown sugar cinnamon or gingerbread syrups

while you are blending the protein into the milk heat the same amount of concentrate in the microwave until it is quite hot

Add the protein milk to the concentrate


You can also make this an iced chai latte by not heating any of it, mixing it together then pouring over ice.


Oregon chai also makes a Sugar Free version of their concentrate





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