Just over 11 months out, 3 weeks to go til my 1 yr Surgeryversary

Today I had an appointment with my Surgeons PA Annie (who is great) I was suppose to have it on my actual anniversary on the 26th of April but I have been having a bad flair up of arthritis in my knees and we needed to talk about ways I could occasionally take an anti-inflammatory.  Because my appointment was moved up 3 weeks I still have to get my blood work and they will call me and tell me what is what and how my levels are and if anything is wrong they will see me again, otherwise I dont have to see them for a year though I am able to go in and weigh as often as needed, I am thinking I will go in to confirm how my scales are tracking every 3 months.  Also this keeps me from feeling as if I have just been cut loose.

Annie put me on Prilosec (still waiting to see if my insurance can cover it and if not what will they cover) she wants me on it daily and then I can take up to 2 Motrin a week as long as I dont take more than one a day and I take them with a chewable acid reducer and a good deal of food.  I have a game we play that is a live action roll playing game (lots of walking around and some standing) on every Sunday and alternate Saturdays so I am saving them for those days as I get quite sore even without a flare-up going on.

I have also made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to possibly get a cortisone shot the day before our handfasting just to help me get through it and to find out just exactly what I need to do to get my knees replaced.  Sadly I was on a pounds stall for nearly 3 months, I was stalled around 295 even though I was losing inches hand over fist since early January (I lost 5 inches off my chest and waist, 4 off my hips, 3 off my thighs and about 2 off my calves and upper arms)  This is great and all but it really slows down my ability to get under 200 pounds which I have been told is the largest they will consider replacing my knees.

I am hoping that if we get all set up that as soon as I reach 200 we could schedule the replacement but I need to know what exercises to do and what the recovery will be like.

I will weigh again on the 26th and that will be my official 1 year weight, I am hoping to get to 275 or even if I am really lucky 270 by then (I had hoped to be 250 by our handfasting on April 30th but my body had other plans)


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