1 year after Duodenal Switch WLS, what do I eat?

I am a day late since I have been running behind due to catching up from the Handfasting/wedding on Saturday but I wanted to take part in the Blogging event where WLS people show what they eat.  I really didn’t have a chance to photograph since we ate out of the house twice today (Meat Loaf with Ketchup for Breakfast and a small cup of cheddar veg soup for Lunch with coffee) which is something we seldom do but things have been a tad odd lately with so much going on.

On the other hand the way we shop is once a month when I get paid (1st of the month) I shop for the staples and stock the cupboards up for the month and then weekly Alex buys the Milk, Cheese, eggs as well as the fruit and veg and fixings for his lunch (bread, luncheon meat, regular yogurt and strawberry milk)  Then when he gets paid in the middle of the month we get whatever vitamins and supplements I need.  Because of the Handfasting/Wedding I was too busy last month to stock up on my Protein and syrups so I am low on protein powder right now, I usually have more flavors, I get Syntrax Nectar in Lemonade, Vanilla and Chocolate (sometimes cappuccino but I can make that with regular coffee now)  We also get different flavored sugar-free syrups to add to them, which is something else I need to stock up on.  I dont have counter space for the large containers so I put the powder in storage containers and lable it, right now I have Vanilla and Lemonade.

Anyway right now our fridge/freezer is way too full but then since I eat a lot of protein I stock up on meat and cheeses as well as dairy and almost all of Alex’s lunch and breakfast stuff goes in the fridge or freezer and I tend to have tons of condiments and flavoring such as Asian sauces, curries, hot sauces and salsas in the door of the fridge.

Anyway here are the pics

By the way here are just some of the people who did this kind of thing (they did it on time..lol)

Nikkie at Bariatric Foodie

Rob at Former Fat Dudes

Shelly at The World According to Eggface

Beth at Melting Mama

Pam at Journey to a Healthier Me

Andrea at WLS Vitagarten


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