Getting your Water.. is it safe to reuse plastic bottles

I love the size/shape of my 24oz Propel Zero bottles <#1 PET>, They really are the perfect bottle for me and since my surgery I have to drink between 70 and 90 oz of non caffeinated liquids and I try to make sure 50 oz of that is water (flavored or plain)  So finding a bottle I enjoy using is a big help but what about the BPA in plastic?  What about “never use ONE TIME USE plastic?  People always tell me how dangerous it it to reuse them… this article disagrees

Here is the thing, #1 plastic does not have BPA to start with and do not use the bottles forever, I use each about 15-20 times then recycle them.  I wash them each time with about an oz of a mix of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts cold water with about 1/2 teaspoon dish soap  (I just use the medium sized vinegar bottle and refill it from a gallon) I put the mix in the bottle, put the cap on and shake it really good then fill it with cold water (dont use hot water with these bottles) then since I am trying to cut back on waste I pour the vinegar water into the bottom of the dishwasher and it helps disinfect between washes.

I then rinse them and put them to dry.

All I know is anything that motivates me to drink more water and wont kill me is ok with me… by the way when I take protein drinks to the gym I use Life Water bottles and then dispose of them since I dont think you can safely clean out the milky/protein residue as easily as water or even sugar free drink mix.


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