Cortisone shots and thoughts on pain

This morning I got cortisone shots in my knees and if you have never had them before I will answer your most likely question… yes they do hurt going in to the joint but it is the next 24-48 hours that hurt like hell.  You have a few oz of a gel pushed in between your already damaged and in my case swollen joints and it can take up to 2 days to be absorbed by the body and start the anti-inflammation work they do.  And YES they are worth it, worth every single minute of pain over the next few days so I can have 3 months of relief (sadly I can only get them every 4 months)

I had this in both knees today, but my knees are really badly damaged

As I was laying in bed tonight barely able to bend my knees or fully straiten them and wishing like hell I had something that could actually take the pain away I realized something, this is the level of pain I use to live with when I was so much heavier and slowly the pain has lessened as I lost 200 pounds.

That was the kind of pain I had very often when I was over 400 pounds and as I got up over 440 (maxed out at 463) I was at this level of pain everyday and I while learned to deal with it ok it really drove me pretty crazy, it messed with my head and changed me a lot. Chronic pain eats at you and makes your days hard and your nights hellish.

I am not use to that pain anymore now that I have lost 200 pounds, there are days it hurts, hell weeks when it aches enough to make me exhausted cause I can’t sleep all that well but other than the 2 days after a cortisone shot treatment or the hour or so after I wrench it once in a while my knees never hurt this badly.

There are times I hate the limitations I have now after surgery, and a big part of me misses the days where I did not worry about my weight much (which explains how I got so big)and when I modeled and when I was strangely comfortable in my body most of the time but you know what? I would not change having my surgery for anything, it has given me so much and I am determined to make it work, lose the weight to get the knee replacement (a totally different kind of serious pain but worth it) and to keep it off… some how I will make it work.


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One response to “Cortisone shots and thoughts on pain

  1. Sharon

    Hi, very well done on your weight loss; you look amazing! I had cortisone injections in my knees today, so I’m hoping it will eventually help with the pain & give me some mobility back. I wish you the very best for the future.
    Sharon (UK) x

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