My WLS Bucket List

Most Bucket Lists are the things you want to do before you die, mine is the things I want to do as I get healthier and lose more weight, some are things I use to do when I was younger and not so heavy, some I have never done and some will have to wait til #1 is taken care of (hopefully in the next 2 years)

My WLS Bucket List

1. Get my knees replaced
2. Go back to the Oregon Coast for a good roadtrip/vacation w/ camping
3. Ride amusement park rides (I haven’t been able to since I was 17)
4. Spend a long day at the Hyde Park street fair
5. Go to Portland and show Alex the Portland Blues Festival and Saturday market
6. Go to Seattle for Bumbershoot
7. Get a tummy tuck/apronectomy
8. Get under 180 pounds and stay there
9. Buy regular sized clothing and actually be able to shop in most stores
10. Be able to play with my Niece Monica
11. Wear really gothic clothing … under size XL
12. Grow my hair long
13. Live a long life with my wonderful husband
14. Take a long bath without worrying about getting in and out
15. Wear knee high boots
16. Zip line somewhere… maybe Vegas
17. Fly somewhere and be able to use the bathroom on the plane and fit in one seat
18. Ride a bike and get a beach cruiser
19. Ride a motorcycle or a scooter
20. Be as healthy as my grandma is when I am her age..or now
21. Not worry about damaging any furniture anywhere
22. Feel comfortable having Alex pick me up or sitting on his lap
23. Walk a 5K (I never liked running and I can’t imagine ever wanting to)
24. Go to a WLS convention and be able to walk around and feel like I have something to share
25. Continue to Blog and do art on the subject of WLS, body image and self esteem… more paintings
26. Go to a serious Gothic festival someday
27. Have another display of my art somewhere (even another coffee shop)
28. Go to New Orleans, and actually be able to tour the city on foot and take photos
29. Go to Bat Day at Disneyland and enjoy myself and not faint from the heat AND wear something really cool and funky
30. Go to Paris to see the Louvre and the Catacombs and not be scared of DVT on the flight cause I can get up and walk the aisle;
31. Take art classes and go back to college and be able to walk all over campus and sit in regular chairs and stand at an easel for a whole class
32. Teach craft classes again
33. Rent or buy a small house with a nice yard and keep it up and have a garden
34. Go on a hot air balloon ride (a real one not just up then down)
35. Feel comfortable wearing a belt
36. Take another belly dancing class and this time actually be able to do it and stick to it
37. Do Bollyrobics
38. Enjoy exercise (I don’t see this one happening but who knows)
39. Dance at a club or music festival
40. Fit in a compact car well enough to drive one and then own one that gets great gas mileage


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