Shirt Sizes!!!

I know it’s going to be an uphill battle to make it to my 170Lbs goal by this time next yr but I want to lose the last 85Lbs by next convention… in 2010 I wore a tight 4x Fandemonium shirt (down from the 5-6x was wearing in 09)…this year it was a comfortable 2x and I want to be in a Large by Fandemonium 2012.  If I can fit a Large I will have some screen printed so I dont have to steal Alex’s XL and so I dont have to paint the logo via stencil on the shirt.  I also intend to take a photo of all 3 shirts pinned to the wall.

The thing is I feel like I am slowing down and that this is becoming an uphill battle way too soon.

The first 16 months are suppose to be easy then around 18 months post surgery it gets harder to lose weight and you have to really struggle to keep it coming off….but I screwed up at about 11 months and did not eat enough for MONTHS and my body went into starvation mode and while I lost inches I did not lose much in the way of pounds and so now I get to play catch up and hope I can get it off by this time next year.
Now I am trying to eat more, to increase my protein A LOT and eat healthier and I hope to continue to lose weight (15 pounds in 2 weeks).   I was 249 a few days ago and 250.4 today and I want to try to do good at the convention but I know it will be hard so I am taking a bunch of food with me and hoping to eat and drink well.
Wish me LUCK

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