Edamame (mole’) Dip

This is so easy to make and so easy to mess up.

I steamed a 1 pound bag of Edamame as per the directions then separated half of it and put it in the fridge and re-microwaved the remaining cup of green soybeans.  You will want to cook them til they are soft, I did not get my first batch soft enough and it ended up gritty and I had to actually microwave the ground dip and regrind it.  I also figured out that Peach Pineapple salsa does NOT work in Edamame-mole’.

the second batch came out fine and it was very yummy and smooth so here is that recipe.


1 cup of well cooked (to the point of being soft) Edamame

1 Tablespoon of olive oil

1 Tablespoon of lemon juice

1 teaspoon of diced garlic

1/3 cup salsa (you choose the heat – dont use sweet salsa trust me)

Salt and pepper

hot sauce (optional)



in a small food processor add the oil, garlic and lemon juice and blend, then add the well steamed soft Edamame and process til well ground and begin adding the salsa to thin it out and smooth it up.  When it is the consistency you want (think guacamole) you can refrigerated it and use it as a dip or spread.

You can also add the Edamame dip half and half with Avocado guacamole and blend well.




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