Shrinking beside the “Panda” (photo comparisions)

I drive a retired “panda bear” cop car, a classic black and white 2005 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor to be precise, and yesterday my mom told me she had seen one driving by and she thought “wow that looks like T’Rina’s car but it can’t be cause that woman driving it is way too small” then she realized it was ME…lol

So i found a photo I posed for in Nov of 2009 when I had just started to lose weight and was probably 445 pounds and on my way to a crazy party all dressed up in wild clothes and hair.  WOW I took up a lot of space beside that huge car!!

So today I put on a 1XL T-shirt I did not think would fit me but did and we posed for photos again (sorry no crazy hair)


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