More reasons to tow the line

So since January I have lost Maybe 45 pounds and that should of been closer to 75 pounds at this stage of my post WLS journey, but I stalled and slowed and it was all my own fault.
As I have said I was complacent when I should of been proactive, I kept on the same old path and kept going to the same place…in circles.  So now that I think I know how to get started again who would of thought that eating More was so hard?  Well actually eating the calories would be easy if I could eat anything I want, but eating 2300 calories with 70-75% of it protein and less then 20% carbs is not easy at all.
And now I have another reason to tow the high protein – low simple Carb line, adult ADD. 
After some research I am pretty sure I have adult ADD which is where a lifetime of attention deficit disorder becomes much more noticeable around 40.  I probably have always had ADD but it seems that it gets worse in flair ups, I become more scattered and distracted and and have even less motivation than usual.  Other symptoms include getting unreasonably angry when I drive, becoming obsessed with a thought and not being able to get it out of my mind and repeating myself a lot.
I have always had these symptoms to some extent but they do ebb and flow with me. 
Usually I just live with them but right now it feels as if I am drowning in all the things I have to do and can’t seem to finish. Things like cleaning and organizing my art room which I have been attempting for over 2 months now.  I also feel out of control with my sugar craving and my desire to spend money.
So I have begun to research ADD and it’s correlation with obesity, impulse control issues and lack of sleep and I discovered they are all connected.
Obesity tends to be prevalent in people with ADD, especially in those who don’t have accompanying hyperactivity, since they tend to suffer from poor impulse control.  There are also studies that suggest that those suffering from ADD do not product the same amounts of seratonin or melatonin as other people do and since eating carbs is one way the body increases seratonin production people with ADD suffer from Carb addiction more. This tendency to crave carbs, become easily bored and a tendency to feel extremes of emotions may lead to serious eating disorders which actually make the ADD worse.
My reading suggested that one effective non medical cure is to greatly increase the intake of protein and severely reduce all intake of simple carbs since it is possible that simple carbs and processed foods may actually increase the severity of ADD symptoms. Along with diet increased physical activity is suggested. So since I have been slacking on my diet and activity is it really surprising that things have gotten worse with my attention deficit?
Another suggestion is supplementation with zinc, which I think I get enough of, omega 3s, which I can easily take and melatonin to help with sleep.
Since surgery I do not get anywhere near enough sleep and the sleep I get tends to be shallow and broken, so I am not that surprised that my ADD symptoms are getting worse as time goes on.
So now I have even more reasons to behave and do as I should do anyway, I do not wish to take medicine for this and I just hope diet, exercise and supplementation help.


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