Idea for saving fruit for Smoothies

It is harvest season and fruit is really cheap now and I want to freeze some to use for smoothies later in the year.  I have been making apple/peach butter by cooking them down in a crockpot after pureeing them and I realized they not only have a stronger taste but they are digested better by my altered system.
So when I got to my very over ripe pears I added a little pineapple juice and heated them up until they got soft enough to use my hand blender on.  I don’t intend to make pear butter out of these but after they cook down a while I will cool them off and put them in ice trays and freeze them.  This way when I add them to a smoothie they will be easier to digest and an exact amount.  I think I will do the same with peaches and strawberries.
I am desperately trying to give up simple carbs and one suggestion I found said to be sure to still get complex carbs but with a duodenal switch it’s not easy as they give me gas.  I can’t eat bread or pasta or rice without misery and it doesnt take too many raw fruits and vegetables to set me off. Thankfully I can eat a little bit more in the way of cooked vegetables and fruit.
But then simple carbs give me gas also and I still eat those despite the fact they effect my health as well as mess with my moods and slow my weight loss way down, so that excuse won’t work.
So this next month I will be making up fruit puree to freeze.


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