I am so lucky with my husband and food

I was reading about how people sometimes get so little support from their family when it comes to food and it reminds me how very lucky I am, my husband is 6’3 and 215 pounds and he would like to be 190-200 and get rid of his belly for his own sake (he knows I dont care and just want him to be healthy)  He is totally willing to eat variations on my food.
I often cook sauces that are very meaty and eat them in a small bowl with cheese on them and then serve him a serving of the sauce over WW noodles or Brown rice (he has grown to prefer it) when he craves pizza we buy a $2 take and bake french bread pizza that is one large serving and he doesn’t get mad if I nibble a taste of the topping, he doesn’t buy a Large and expect it to be around for him to nibble on for 2 days.
For breakfast I will make him a Strata (like a quiche mixed with bread pudding… eggs and filling over a torn up piece of bread) and make me a crustless quiche and it is fine.  once every few months I make up a big potato based casserole, tons of eggs and cheese and meat then freeze it in small single servings I use to make breakfast burritos with using WW shells.  We have a big freezer so I will make  up meals ahead of time…his are over pasta or rice and mine are the sauce or meat part of the meal in a smaller container.
The only one thing I cook that he balks at is soup, he dislikes the texture but doesn’t mind when I make a huge pot, give half to mom and grandma and freeze the rest..lol he doesn’t even mind when I take out some of the soup, put in a ton of noodles or rice, cheese it up like a casserole and bake it then serve it to him.
Also he has pretty much given up store bought ice cream and enjoys my protein ice cream, we dont buy cookies since I will get into them but I do get him rolls of cookie dough once in a while and slice them up, personally i think it is gross and he loves it so it works.  We also freeze up bagels and english muffins and he eats those about once a week on the weekend.
He use to drink TONS of Sobe and some soda and now he will have a liter of pop maybe 2 times a month at the game we play and doesn’t drink Sobe, he is as likely to make a big glass of tea and put in a sugar cube or two which is still next to nothing compared to soda.

I pack his lunch and it is pretty darn healthy now, when we met this was his average lunch:
a store bought sandwich on cheap and not very good bread
a snack baggy of cheeze-its,
a 20 oz sobe (ave 280+ cals of sugar)
a 16 oz sugary Strawberry milk
2 yoplait yougurts
and THREE big slices of bread just to munch on

this is an average lunch now:
a homemade sandwich usually on Whole grain bread (once in a while Dill or Brown but not often) Lean sandwich meat and cheese with some salad dressing (sometimes tuna or chicken salad)..I have slacked about putting spinach on it so have to buy some
a 22 oz bottle of 2% milk (this is his milk for the day) that he flavors with SF syrup
2 yoplaits
and either a fruit like a sliced apple or a veg like a sliced tomato
and Occasionally a treat like a chunk of cookie dough, or some of my brown rice pudding with fruit and nuts and eggs
and if I have it a chunk or stick of cheese

In the last year Alex has lost 7 pounds without trying BTW


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