Quinoa crab (or salmon) loaf

This is so easy to make I made a double version with sarimi
(crab or salmon flavored fish blend) I used both kinds but this recipe is for the bread pan sized loaf


1 cup of pre made quinoa
1 package of crab (10-12 oz) shredded you can also used canned salmon
4 eggs beaten
2 oz milk
4-5 oz shredded cheese (any kind)
1/2 to 3/4 cup Steamed veggies (I like diced broccoli and cauliflower)
Spices (I use lemon pepper and Lawrys)

Mix all of the ingredience in a large bowl making sure the meat is well mixed in
Press the mixture into a well oiled loaf pan and bake at 350*f for 35 mins.  Check doneness by sliding a knife into the center to see if it comes back clean.  Add time if need be.

Substitutions … instead of shredded seafood try using 12oz of very finely shredded stewed chicken meat


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