They forced me… no really, no I mean…sigh

Today I went to Burger King to get a large unsweetened Ice tea with lite lemonade and ordered a “Tiny brownie sundae, do you still have those little kids size brownie sundaes”  After being tols yes I got to the window and was given a HUGE ASS sundae and charged $2.50.  I asked about the little sundae they had had the week before and they acted like I was crazy (by the way they had it until 2-29)
So there I am bitching after I paid for this monster and drove away (cause I am too big a wuss to not take it) and I say to Alex well I will just eat the same amount as I think the little sundae would have (which really was MAYBE a bite and a half of brownie and a bit of ice cream) and mad at them the entire time I ate way way too much.
I probably only ate a 1/6th of the entire thing, probably actually 2 times the amount I had thought I was getting and since it was ice cream I am SICK SICK SICK
and for a moment as I was being sick yet again I thought FUCK BURGER KING THOSE FUCKING FUCKS.
The next thought was shut up T’Rina, no one told you to pay for it when they did not give you what you wanted,
No one told you to order it in the first place, even the TEENY TINY little sundae would of upset your stomach
No one forced me, no one has ever forced me to eat or ever had to.
I did it to myself, I always have and if I dont get my head on strait I always will be eating the foods that are not good for me and that now make me sick.
I need to be in control.
I need to be the boss
and I need to take responsibility


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