About pain, cortisone and why I am counting down the days

Someone teased me about the fact that every 4 months like clock work I start counting down until I can have cortisone shots in my knees…I dont mean to be annoying about it but since weight loss surgery I really can not take anti inflammatory drugs at all and despite being nearly half the size I was before I still weigh over 230 and that is still a lot on joints that are worn down to micro fractures.
Cortisone relieves the swelling for 3 months, and since I can only have it every 4 months I spend about 3 to 4 weeks being reminded I am not ever going to be ok without knee replacement and realizing everyone i know who had that is still in some kind of pain.  Cortisone is not a pain reliever, it is a anti-inflammatory and by relieving the swelling it takes some of the pressure off the joints and they dont grind so badly.  Right now you can put your hand beside my knee and feel it click and grind over and over as i move the knee…in 3 weeks that grinding will be so much less and so will the pain. I use to take 4 to 6 Tramadol a DAY, I now take less than 20 every 4 months and half of those in the last month.  Before I no side effects and now they knock me out and make me loopy and vicadin is a very once in a long while drug since it makes me sleepy for nearly a day.
So yeah I am counting down the days and I am also glad to remember there is a reason I had this surgery because if I was still twice this big I dont think any level of pain medicine or anti inflammatory drugs would be able to do what the one cortisone shot in each knee does 3 times a year.

BTW My knees are a lot worse than this now


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