Cost and value

So I started doing the math for how much my vitamins and mineral supplements cost now that I am on much cheaper ones and assuming I am buying them in bulk = $640 a yr
And then there is the whey isolate protein supplement I use = about $250 a year
There is no way around this, I have to take them or I can get very very sick even die and since some of them are specialty items (like AquADEK) that only are made by one or two companies they cost a lot.
The thing is I would do it all again, I would go through the weight loss surgery and take vitamins every day of my life to make sure I can be healthy enough to enjoy my life.
When I worry about trying to fix my clothing so it doesn’t fall off of me I remember how much worse it was trying to make clothes that fit and making skirts out of twin sheets because they were cheap and I could get 1 1/2 skirts for $5.  I remember using an extension piece for my bras and now I have to cut the same pieces of the backs off of them not to add to other bras but to sew them tighter.
When I worry about my weight yoyoing on a 6 pound range for months on end I need to remind myself of a time I was too big to way on a regular scale or most Drs scales even.
When my knees kill me right before a cortisone shot I think about how much worse it would be at twice this weight, how much more pain I would be in just trying to make it day to day on shattered knees.
So yes I would do it again and somehow I will find a way to make it all work…I will take my pills, I will stay healthy and I will not ever give up even when it seems so hard I want to cry.
Instead I will remember the first time I walked across a diagonal crosswalk in the amount of time given.  I will remember standing next to Alex at our ceremony and not hurting.  I will remember that I have a lot to live for and I will live to the fullest.


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