Was it worth it?

I was asked if I thought weight loss surgery was worth the problems some people have (of which I have had amazingly few) and if I would do it again.
Short answer: yes and yes
Longer answer: I am less then a week away from having a cortisone shot to relieve the pain in my knees and the last shot is pretty well gone and yes i hurt, sometimes enough to take my breath away.  But you know I do not even at the worst this week with certain extenuating circumstances making it hurt really bad feel nearly the pain I did on a regular basis during the summer of 09.  That was when I was my biggest and the pain then had me taking up to 6 tramadol a day for days on end.  I went through pain meds like candy and could barely walk back then, now at nearly half the size I was in July of 2009 I may still need my knees replaced and it may still hurt but I don’t take 6 tramadol a month when a reasonable amount of tylenol is enough to get me through the worst of it and most of the time I don’t even need that.
With the pain I have had at times this last week I realize that if I had been over 440 pounds over the last 3 years I most likely would be in a wheelchair most of the time now.  I would not be as active as i am now, I would not be climbing stairs, going shopping on foot or able to just enjoy myself.  I am far from physically as activer as I should be but trust me I am far more active at 43 than I was at 36 when my knees got really bad.
If I had kept on gaining by the time I was 50 I would have been 500 lbs and crippled beyond measure. 
Yes there are foods I can’t eat without consequences and my muscles are weaker because I didn’t work them hard enough, yes I am now struggling for every pound I lose and I worry more about my weight then i did before and my clothes are hanging off of me and I can’t afford to replace them.  Yes there are risks and I will take vitamins the rest of my life but I now have a chance at a good long life and it is worth it in so many ways.


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One response to “Was it worth it?

  1. My dear friend,

    I met you nearly 20 years ago! We went through a lot of hard times together, but we also had a lot of good times together as well. I have not seen you in many years but am glad that we can still be in touch. I am so happy for you that you have had such a rmarkable transformation in your life in such a short period of time. I wihs you only the best of luck and hope that we can see each other again someday.

    Your loving friend,


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