Anxious about taking photos, not normal for me

I need to sleep, Alex is taking some pics of me for “After” photos (ok well hopefully “during” photos but hopefully you know what I mean) and I would like to look as if I slept more than 2 hours.
You know when I modeled when I was really big I was never nervous, I really wasn’t worried how I looked as long as I was doing my job and looking how I was supposed to…and now I am all anxious about how I will look in my pics. 
I think I am just not use to how I look now, everything is so different, I have bone structure I never knew I had and I feel that I look a lot closer to my age than I ever have before.  I guess I also worry there won’t be a noticable difference between the last set of photos we did ten months ago and now which is silly because I am about 50 pounds smaller now.
Anyway I will post pics tomorrow and we will see.


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