Do not let your inner voice bully you

That voice in your head that tells you you can’t do something or calls you names is a bully…you have to fight back and diligently correct negative self talk all the time because if you don’t stand up to your inner bully it will just get louder, meaner and more destructive. The more you internally denigrate yourself with hateful thoughts and doubts the more you will find you can not trust yourself, the more you will quit before truly trying.
Crack the whip… negative self speak needs active and determined correction.  If the inner Bully says “you are a failure” the inner protector needs to correct that statement (even if you can’t believe it at the moment say it to yourself) “No I am not a failure I am being too hard on myself and I deserve to succeed”
We would hopefully not be willing to accept seeing someone we care for bullied by another person, so why are we willing to sit back and allow the one person we most need to protect and nurture be tormented?


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