When all is said and done

There has been on going debate about what my dad would want after his death…I have no input in to it but since this has caused arguments I am stating for the record my personal wishes for after my own death (may it be a long time from now)
I am apathetheistic which means I am NOT a theistic or spiritual person nor am I antitheistic in any way…I am totally neutral, I don’t know, I don’t care and I don’t care what anyone else believes that they know about god, gods, spiritual issues or any of it.
As such I am not concerned with what happens after I die other than making sure there are no debates.  So here is what I want/believe: whatever is Me will not be with my body, as such please cremate the remains.  As of that moment they are just so much carbon and if you want a pinch of T’Rina dust talk to Alex cause I won’t care.  My family can take the ashes into the hills and let fly…to cancel any debates I am saying go as close to Deer Point by Bogus and let fly….check wind direction first.
Then I would like my friends and family to have a party, pot luck and remember the good times.  And after I want my friends to get together and raise a glass of their choice to my memory and say “she was an alright broad” or sentiments of that like…play lots of music and laugh a lot.
No markers and as fairview my stuff thar is up to Alex to give away or dispose of as he chooses.
Ok so that is out of the way.  I will be doing this up all legal and legit and getting it signed and sealed and all that bullshit but the more people who know the better.


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