Weight loss weirdness

I am losing weight again slowly but surely but it comes with weirdness as usual, for me to lose weight after losing over 230 pounds my metabolism has to adjust and it is not as easy as just changing my intake/expenditures, my body will simply trigger loss (and sometimes gain) after being stalled for no apparent reason.  I really would like to lose the 35 pounds so I can be under 200 by more than a pound or two but by the same token losing weight now effects me strangely, I get very emotional for a few mins for no reason and want to cry, my pain sensitivity goes up,  and this time at least my appetite is diminished partly because food tastes slightly off to me, even stuff I know is spicy tastes dull but sadly sweet tastes sweet still but sort of flat without depth, just sweet.  I also am more tired than usual but it may be from the fact I actually don’t want to eat hardly anything.
Next time my body goes through a cycle of loss it may have very different reactions who knows.


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  1. Courtney Rich

    Hey Chica, I read your about you stuff and I have a crazy feeling you and I would have been buddy’s from another life I think we are alike in so many ways I kinda feel like we would get along very well, we like a lot of the same stuff,Which is why I would love to talk to you more and have so many questions to ask you and would love to pick your brain for your experience with this whole new life, I am going through a lot and need someone who i can talk to about this whole new life.In no way am I wanting a dumping ground for my issues I am going to counseling for that thank goodness!. I just am really struggling with some serious issues that are making my life harder but I keep the positive attitude about life and am able to see the beauty in life and feel like I am just waking up again to a whole new world. I have just started searching today to get some support from this whole thing, I really am having a hard time with so many things and on top of it after the surgery about a week out, my body went septic, I got pneumonia, my lungs shut down & my kidneys were shutting down. I awoke from a medical coma 3 days later with life again. I feel like I lost about 2 weeks total memory My two son’s had to see me very sick and I woke up to my 17 yr old son standing over me asking me if I knew what had happened. I had a tube in my and shook no, he proceeded to give me the laundry list I now call of problems that almost made me die. I do not remember having the surgery at all, and how much pain medication I was given but I believe it was a factor in this. I do not even recollect who even brought me home from the hospital (my mom) from the surgery, I do not know if this was caused by the surgery, or what caused all of my body to just flipping cash out on me so fast, I have faded memories of the week after but was so out of it I couldn’t speak to the paramedics when they came and 6 of them dragged my big but outta my bedroom. I do remember that part. I am just hoping to talk to you a bit about alot of things so if you have time and can find it to give me a few of your time I would be so grateful. I am on facebook under Courtney Hyman Rich, you can reach me most of the time there. I hope you have a good night and am looking forward to hearing from you!! : )

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