not hungry at all, not good

I have had very little appetite for the last 3+ weeks, and when I do eat I fill up very fast and feel sick if I eat more than a little bit at a time, I have gone through this phase before and it is physically and mentally stressful.  I am more sensitive to pain right now and when I most need it I have no energy.
Yes this is part of what weightloss surgery is supposed to do but my kind of surgery means I dont absorb a lot of what I eat and so I need to eat a reasonable amount every day or get weak…which is what is happening, I have little energy and I fade out fast and while I am losing a little weight I could end up stalling my metabolism pretty badly.  I am trying to get enough protein but it is hard, gonna have to invest $40 I really dont have in the only protein powder that doesnt make me sick on Friday.
I hope it evens out, while I would not mind not being hungry often I would like to be able to eat enough not to feel so sick



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2 responses to “not hungry at all, not good

  1. Tette

    Reality check:
    Doing a bit of calculations I would say you’re still carrying about 30 kilos extra fat. Since 1 kilo of body fat equals about 7000 calories that would make 210 000 calories. You have that much in reserve.

    You are not about to die because of malnourishment so relax.

    • I am not worried about being malnourished I worry about feeling faint when I stand up, and dizzy when I drive. I know I am fat don’t worry the fact hasn’t escaped me

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