I am fucked up in the head, an addict physically and mentally. My addiction is sugar, simple carbohydrates, before you scoff understand that I am insulin resistant, this means my body treats sugars as if they were an addictive substance more than most people’s bodies do.
Addiction is knowing something is going to make you sick and you still do it, it is still wanting it, thinking about it, craving it to the point of distraction even as it is actively making you ill, making you miserable.
I have to get serious, I am desperate to get some control over myself and I think I need to do it now. I know HOW to do it I just am not sure if I CAN give it up the way I need to, but I do know this addiction is out of hand and it is making my life miserable and could ruin everything I have had weight loss surgery for.


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Filed under Accountability, Addiction, Arthritis and health issues, changing how I think, confession, fears, health, obsessions

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