WLS Pet Peeves

There are many pet peeves I have about personal things to do with weight loss,  gas, lack of food choices, price of things, trying to find clothing that are affordable but also fit my unusual body shape and having to take food I can eat to every event we go to but really they are personal and sort of petty.

What I really I Hate though is that there is sometimes such a competitiveness between WLS people about the “BEST” surgery.

And while Duodenal Switch is best for ME and my situation, for someone else it might be too extreme or too invasive, for someone else RnY or VSG or the Band might be perfect where I would not have prospered on it.   It saddens me when I see people feeling bad also because their loss is different or slower or that they can not eat the same foods as others can and being made to regret their choice.

Another peeve is the “Nothing is ever wrong” thing I sometimes see, or the “If you have problems it is all your fault” thing.  There seems to be a certain level of denial in some groups, a “Never complain” mentality.

We need to support each other, give advice if asked for and not shaming, we have been shamed enough in our lives.

No ones surgery is exactly like someone else’s… By the same token my DS is not someone else’s, I can barely eat fiber at all without problems but other people can.  Some people can eat mass amounts of fat on the DS and I cant as easily, nor do I want to and some people have pushed the idea that I must.  No I MUST do what is right for me actually which in m case is moderate fat, low fiber, no sugar and high high protein but that is ME and my version of this surgery.

So what? That doesn’t make me wrong or a failure, it makes my body different.

SUPPORT is everything for us, many of us spent decades feeling that we had no support and that we made the wrong choices in life, it is time to offer support and information not shame and competition.

There is wonderful support out there, you just have to be determined, willing to choose who you will and will not listen to but most of all YOU must be as supportive as you WISH others were regardless of how supportive they are.


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