walking in the snow (crosspost)

Due to some missed connections and the fact that I left my coat and phone and scarf and gloves in the car which Alex had, I walked from Michael’s on Franklin to Maverick’s at the top of the hill on Franklin and Maple Grove while wearing a sweater, shirt, pants and slippers
In the dark
In the snow
In 22* windy weather
The day after I over did it to the point of hurting for over 24 hours
Let’s just say that I am stupid and leave it at that for why.
An hour later I am still cold, my ears are trying to kill me from the inside, my feet are just starting to feel something and my knees are aching again

Let me point this out…I made it, it wasn’t that far but it was up hill, it was cold and i made it.
There was a time I could not have walked to the end of the parking lot after shopping but now I know if need be I can do that kind of walk.


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