Wow you win feel better?

You know I lived my younger life watching certain people one up each other with how bad their lives are compared to each other, who was sickest, who was craziest and who took what drugs, who was the most damaged by abuse.  They fought to prove who was the winner at being on the losing end at life.
Well by age 11 I had walked the fuck away from that competition, even as a kid I saw it for what it is, a way to put other people down to make yourself feel better by showing that you have it far worse.
I try not to do that, just because there are kids starving in India doesn’t make someone who hasn’t eaten in a day less hungry.  Just because I am also sad doesn’t make your depression invalid, just because I lost more weight doesn’t make every pound you lost less difficult or less a triumph and if I choose to point out that I also suffer these things I hope that I am gracious enough to say ‘I know how hard that kind of feeling is and you have my sympathy and if you need to talk I am here.”. I am not always perfect but I hope I do better most of the time.
Just because your life was a soap opera of disastrous proportions doesn’t mean that I should not stress about MY pain and MY anxiety on (say it with me) MY personal blog. 
I do not chase people down and ask them to read my blog, I don’t post links to it in random locations, I might link to it on My Twitter or My Facebook account but again I don’t chase down random people and beg them to read it.
So since I refuse to play the “your life is worse than mine so my feelings are not real or valid” game if you don’t like what I write move on to find someone else who didn’t walk away from that form of mental abuse 33 years ago.


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