Forgive the past so you can trust the future

Learn to love yourself in all your forms, if you can’t forgive the fat girl you were dont be surprised when you find you can’t bring yourself to trust the skinny girl you become not to fail you.
You may never love the body you had, have or will get but love yourself and be kind, I see myself on my wedding day nearly 300 pounds and for a moment I think “I hate that I was so big” but I look past it, at that moment I was happy, regardless of my body size at the time I was joyful and so I see those pictures and say to myself “if even for a little bit I felt so much joy and love even that big then I am damned if I will let anything make me feel less worthy now.”
I work hard to forgive myself for hurting my body so badly, I don’t forget but I forgive so that I can move on


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