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Comparative measurements 3 years before and 3 years after WLS

Feb 07 weight approximately 450

Neck 16“
Upper chest 52“ (cup size G-H)
Waist 62“
Hips 82“
Upper arms 20″
R Thighs 42“
R Calf 26″

April 26 2010….Duodenal Switch Weigh Loss Surgery

March 13 weight 216

Neck 13“
Upper chest 37“ (cup size DD-DDD)
Waist 40“
Hips 55“
Upper arms 11.5″
R Thighs 27“
R Calf 17″


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If I keep taking scale photos I need to paint my toenails

I am thinking purple polish for now, lets hope I get to change that color a lot for many pics with my feet and ever smaller numbers


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Really great Protein tracker

My husband made me a great excel spreadsheet for tracking my water and protein, it also shows me how much actually absorb with a 60% absorption rate, I hope it helps me keep track and start my loss cycle again.

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