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My personal Buffet rules

Ask your surgeon’s office if they have a card defining you as a WLS patient and asking that you be allowed a discount on buffets or to be allowed to order Alan carte or off a kids menu.  Golden Corral lets me pay as if I was 8-12 years old $5.95 for dinner….a few others do a 25% discount.
I have forts very good at eating right at a buffet and haven’t over done for the last 7-8 times.
My tricks with buffet are:
Find the small dessert size plates
It is better to fill 3 small plates with a few bites each than to over fill a big one.
Sit with your back to the food, studies prove you will eat less
As usual, protein first, be careful of sauces which can both upset your stomach and pack in sugar. Don’t put anything but protein on your first small plate, then check out steamed veggies or mixed veg/protein dishes.
Sit as far from the food as possible so you have to walk farther and are less likely to graze.
If you decide to have dessert do not bring a whole piece back with you, I allow myself half tiny square of fudge and about 2 bites of carrot cake and take a clean knife and cut a piece of fudge right there at the counter and only take a tiny bit off the tip of the cake..where the least amount of frosting is.
Eat slowly…very very slowly, I was screwing this up on about every 4th time and throwing up…and I know exactly what does it each time, I’d go too fast and then tell myself “I am full but a few (5) strawberries won’t hurt” HA! The minute you feel full you are DONE
If you go with friends take a note book and doodle or make notes or lists between plates of food and chat with them so they don’t feel rushed and forced to cut their meal short and so it slows you down.


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Gift of positive thought to myself and others

Lately some people I love have really been suffering and I realize I can’t give advice about changing things, changing the way we think, the way we deal and everything if I can’t walk the walk.
I am better than I have been but still I have a lot of negative self thoughts, and like a lot of us I vent them on line.  It is time to stop that, time to be more positive so for Christmas I am giving me (and my on line friends) a break.
I will not post negative stuff about myself or about life, if something bad happens (like blowing a tire) I will mention it but I will also post something positive about the situation.
I am going to retrain my brain to be more positive, rebuild neuro pathways that are currently dedicated to anxiety, self doubt and angst and through concerted effort stop the behaviors that reinforce those thoughts (which are largely related to long trained chemical responses that can be altered)
I deserve to be happy and my friends deserve to see that side of me.

Some of the changes I am making are:
stay on top of my meds
Keep my house tidy regardless of if we have company or not
Get the art room done by New Years and keep it that way
Start doing more art and crafts
Cook healthier for us
Be more positive, every time a situation arises to upset me I Ned to think of something positive about it
Be more honest about not just what upsets me but what makes me happy
Remove negative influences from my life
Do positive things to make myself and others happy
Fight my addiction without belittling myself all the time
Read more
Budget better
Organize things in the house to make them less frustrating
take better care of my appearance, I deserve it

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Black soap for white heads

When I lost the first 100 pounds or so my hormoans went insane and even 250 pounds later they still act up.
I am having hormonal acne really bad, this month is the worse ever with small, hard whiteheads that itch all along my jaw line, under my chin and even down my chest and now for the first time they are on my cheekbones and forehead. They don’t look bad but make my skin look rough and dull, that is until the itch got to me one really stressful day and I tore up my face during an anxiety attack. I had tried this Black African Soap my friend bought me and it was amazing except it cleaned my face so well that it pulled so many impurities that I broke out worse. I knew if I could stick it out I would see better results as it can take more than a month for a skin care regiment to work (up to 3 months in the case of really bad problems) but I could D never stick it out. But after trying to scratch my own face off in a parking lot I realized my face could actually get much worse on its own and so I have started washing once a day with this and then twice a day I use a clean wet warm cloth and wipe down my skin. I have made up a face oil with about 30 to 1 coconut oil to tea tree oil and I rub just a drop of it in each time I clean my face. It is taking time but the itch is mostly gone and while I am still getting the tiny clear/greyish bumps they ate not as bad or as painful and my skin doesn’t look so dull. We will see how I do in 3 weeks when my cycle gets back to the point where it tends to go into hormonal acne overdrive.


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treat yourself…DIY Spa time #1

What do you do to celebrate things in your life?
I have always celebrated everything in my life with food, every holiday, birthday as well as every small success was an excuse for goodies and yummy usually bad for me food.  This really has made no sense when I do it to celebrate losing weight, I have finally broken the 240 mark enough to think it might last a while after yoyoing up and down from 237 to 243 for 5 weeks and I am 234 now so really it makes no sense for me to go out an have a piece of cake like I am sadly tempted to.
I am trying to break this habit as much as I can and shake things up by treating myself in different ways.  Since I can’t afford to shop often to buy some of the great things I would love to treat myself with I am coming up with treats that I can do cheaply or for pretty much free.
So today’s treat is an AVOCADO HAIR MASK

(note my hair is just past shoulder length so if yours is longer you may need to double the recipe)
1/2 of a very ripe medium avocado
1 1/2 Tbs coconut oil
1 tsp jojoba oil

Mash the avocado in a microwave safe bowl and add the coconut oil then microwave for 30 seconds
Add the Jojoba oil and blend very well… add a few drops of water if it is too thick

sitting over the bathtub begin to work the mixture into your hair and massage it into your scalp.  Cover your hair with a disposable plastic shower cap or large produce bag and wrap in a towel.
Leave on your hair for between 20 and 50 mins and rinse well then using a mild shampoo wash your hair and condition as normal.

Note: if you have any of the mix left over feel free to use it on your skin and rinse right off, it feels lovely.

What are some of the ways you treat yourself?  Any home spa day hints or just suggestions about ways to celebrate your small victories in life

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