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My fitbit stats for last week

According to my FITBIT :
My avg. daily #fitstats for last week were 2,992 steps equaling 1.3 miles walked.
On average I burned 2,662 calories daily compared to taking in 1,510 calorie a day last week.
There was a time I probably walked less than 1000 steps and I KNOW 2 years ago my daily intake was ar…ound 2400 to 2600 calories a day with less burn than that


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been sick so my New Years is Starting late

on the 3rd of Jan at 1:30 Am I had to go to the ER for breathing issues and it ends up that for the last week I had been nursing not just a cold but a serious case of Bronchitis so my New Years plans to start this blog and log what I do fell a little short.  I have barely been able to eat anything much at all and while it has helped with my goal to not eat any simple carbs til Valentines day this cold and Bronchitis has also kept me out of the gym.

Starting Monday which will be 2 wks after I got sick, I should be better by then, I am going to be tracking what I eat and drink and my exercise and posting it weekly (no point in annoying all of us with a daily update)

If nothing else this blog will give me a place to track my progress, Monday I am going into the Dr.s office and weighing, then seeing if my scales here at home match or not as I have had trouble with them despite the fact they were expensive and were suppose to weigh up to 450 I have never gotten a decent weighing off of them.  But we will see, if I can get them to weigh right I will weigh every Monday and confirm it at my Drs office once a month.

Wish me luck.

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