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Vinegar fights sugar cravings. Making refrigerator pickles

My sugar cravings are through the roof…today in the store I wanted a tiny bit of spice gum drops from the bulk section and while I resisted them it nearly brought me to tears.  I ended up eating 2.5 oz of a 70% dark chocolate bar and have spent the entire evening wanting to eat the last oz of it.  It feels as if I am quite literally fighting a battle with my body every minute of the day and night.
What little bit of candy is left is getting taken out of the house tomorrow (cinnamon and butterscotch disks) and I am not buying more chocolate and when Alex wants some I am, for the next month or so, going to ask that he has it when I’m asleep or he is at work.
I am also cutting way back on milk while increasing my protein intake.  I have gotten in the habit again of drinking a good 35+ oz of milk a day and I plan to reduce that to 18 oz a day.  Even though milk is good for me it is full of carbs and I can add more calcium to my diet.  Milk and cheese are different in the rate you absorb the carbs and in my case in how my guts react.  I need to make as many changes as I can right now.
So I have been rereading up on natural things to help stabilized blood sugar and stop sugar cravings.  I am going back to taking Omega 3-6-9 fatty acid pills and some other things like picolate and zinc which are suppose to help with blood sugar levels and insulin uptake (I am insulin resistant) all of which should slow down the worse of the physical part of these cravings.
Another thing I read was how vinegar can help fight sugar craving by helping to stabilized the Ph balance and acidity in your body which makes it easier for your body to process sugars and create the right amounts of insulin especially after meals.
Unlike my grandma I have never been good at the whole drinking vinegar thing so I am making refrigerator pickles and other marinaded foods tonight.
Refridgerator pickles are super easy…the most basic ones are sliced cucumbers in vinegar with a little spice and can get quite involved and diverse after that.  I had made a large batch this summer using armeanian named cucumbers, shredded carrots and sliced onions in a mix of basalmic vinegar and white vinegar and a few tbs of sugar.
The batch I made today are made from 3 peeled regular cucumbers and 2 oz of low sugar sweet red pepper sauce, 6 tsp sugar and some splenda.   It will take a week for them to be ready and then they should be great.
I also marinaded some thinly sliced Roma tomatoes and Maui sweet onion.  I am also concidering doing up a few cans of whole tender green beans.
I do know I don’t feel so frantic for sweets after eating about 3-4 oz of this summers pickles so who knows it might help.


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