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Good advice on combatting Bathroom smells from the readers of Offbeat Home

Here is a link about something most Duodenal Switch people deal a lot and many WLS people have to deal with sometimes… hell everyone deals with it once in a while… Potty Odors.

Offbeat Home has a great article with lots of feedback on the subject, check it out.  Also if you have any advice they would love to hear it as would I so comment here and there if you have advice.


My personal favorite is buying strong smelling containers of scented gel and scooping some into a little decorated canning jar with holes in the lid and putting it on the back of the toilet.  Another is to use a reed diffuser but I always forget to turn the reeds around every few days.

I am going to try the idea of putting some paper in the toilet FIRST and I will use some strong peppermint oil and put a few drops in the bowl first to see what happens.

What do you do to cut down on odors?



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