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Weight countdown jars

23 months ago in Apr 2010 I had weight loss surgery, I was over 400 pounds, I had weighed 463 pounds when I was first scheduled for surgery in Aug 09 and since then I have lost nearly half my body weight
The half gallon bottle I tried was too small for 229 bamboo pieces (I used bamboo pieces from place mats and dyed them with alcohol ink I made) so this is a Gallon Jar next to a pint jar, my goal by the way is 190… not too worried about getting smaller than that just want to break 200



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Fridge sign of the month

I am going to print out and put a new sign up on my fridge each month.

This is March’s

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Motivational tattoo I want to get soon

I am cross posting this on my main blog and my WLS Blog…

I have a quote that a very wise lady named EGGFACE (Shelly) on Twitter, who has the site The World According to Egg Face, says that fits with motivation for Weight loss but also for anything you are struggling for: “Don’t trade what you want most, for what you want at the moment.”

My version is slightly different because it fits my idea for a tattoo I want done partly in UV-blacklight reactive ink and partly in regular ink

it would look like this, The top is what you would see in the black light while the bottom image is what you would always see…

More on black light tattoos and Inks

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