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Feb 15th … Give yourself some love Day

So many people hate Valentines day, they feel pressured to express love in a very special way, they feel pressure to be loved in that story book way and to be have the perfect romantic day.  Hopefully they have some of that love everyday and so February 14th will be just another day full of love and happiness but if not that does not mean love should not be part of your life.

So I declare today “give yourself some love day”…
Give yourself a break, figuratively as well as literally, forgive yourself past mistakes a then take some time, even half an hour and RELAX, really and truly, not in front of the TV not doing anything that needs doing, put on whatever music relaxes you, set a timer if you feel that you have to and relax.
Do even one small thing for yourself even if it is just taking the time to really massage in that lotion, savor a small treat, masturbate or paint your nails or write in your journal or read something you have wanted to read for a while.  Do not rush, do not feel guilt for taking the time and realize that you deserve the break.
If you can do this every day great, if not then set aside time once a week for YOU and insist that you get it


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