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My list of things to do instead of snacking (inspired by Eggface)

the lovely Eggface of The World According to Eggface” has a great post called 50 things to do instead of snacking and I was inspired by it but some of it doesn’t really pertain to me so I thought I would use it as a basis and do my own list of things I, personally, can do instead of snacking.

I came up with 55 of them…….

Text a friend
Make a To Do list
Turn on Pandora and create new stations by researching new music on line and trying it out
Take a nap
Wire wrap dice to sell
Read a book
Have a protein drink
Work in my Art Journal
Paint my fingernails wild colors
Organize my make up and fingernail polish
Make something healthy and detailed for Alex and Me then Blog the recipe or the results
Surf the Internet with STUMBLE!
Brush my teeth and hair
Make some jewelry, pendants or pins for Alchemy
Work on cleaning the Art room even if it is one little bit at a time
Inventory my art supplies
Figure out the best way to organize things in the house
Drink a glass of water
Do altered puzzle pieces
Kiss Alex
While I am at it cuddle with Alex
Walk around the Apt complex
Make wands
Try on my clothes and figure out how to adapt and alter them into something cool and interesting
Watch Netflix video or a show on line
Pick more Netflix to order
Clean out my car
Call Grandma or Mom during the day
Shower and exfoliate my skin with a sugar scrub
Shower and shave my legs and moisturize (not the same day as I exfoliated)
Water my plants and snip my herbs
Make a basil infusion
Put away the laundry
Make duct tape crafts
Melt beads
Wash my hair
Go to the dollar store and come up with craft projects for things I see there
Check my e-mail
Change the cat’s litter box (that will kill your appetite)
Research new crafts to try
Clean the bathroom
Light candles or incense
Do the dishes
Work on my wedding scrapbook
Dye my hair
Set up my pill pack for the week
Write new character for game (including stats) just for practice
Make magnets
Turn a T-shirt in to a backpack or purse
Visit with mom or grandma or friends
Go thrift store shopping for stuff to craft


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