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visicous cycle

I ache, general body and joint aches and a weird itch near my knee that comes and goes, and I am tired.

This is an amazingly annoying catch22, I can’t sleep because I am stiff and sore mostly due to the changes of up to 40* in temp a day and sleep is the one thing most likely to help me feel better so not getting it for more than a handful of minutes at a time is stressing me out and that also keeps me from sleeping. Being tired and sore is one of the worse promoters of eating too much carby sweet crap cause my body is looking for a quick fix and eating crappy foods tends to lead to me not getting protein and drinking caffeine cause I am tired leads to dehydration and not sleeping well…. it is a visicous cycle and it is time to get off of it.
I am forcing myself to not eat a lot of sweet carbs and to eat protein, both in liquid form but more to the point in solid food. I am going to try to increase my exercise and see if it helps and I am hoping when the temps drop in the next few days difference in temps is closer to 20* I will not be aching so much.
Anyway wish me luck.


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