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A question about physical sensitivity after massive weight loss (FEEDBACK PLEASE!!)

Has anyone else become overly sensitive to touch?  I notice that since I started losing weight but really since after my surgery I have gotten to the point where I dont like being hugged by anyone but Alex and even with my Husband I am super sensitive to touch. This has become a real issue since my good friends are huggers and even though I have never been much of a hugger I now dread being hugged, I started to think it was emotional but can find no cause for it but I do notice it just feels to intense these days, uncomfortably so, even having my shoulders rubbed makes me very uncomfortable.  It is getting to the point where the thought of it makes me feel squeamish.
When I cook I have to wash my hands over and over if they get sticky or oily even if they will do so again right away because the feel of it drives me nuts. I notice more these days how my clothes feel on my skin and I now hate to wear anything stiff or rough or heavy (part of why I no longer wear my long skirts even though I still like them is I can’t stand the feel of them brushing my ankles) and often my scalp feels weird, not itchy just noticeable I guess.
A friend of mine who lost a lot of weight after being sick told me that he had thought it was the illness that made everything so sensitive but he now wonders if it was losing nearly 100 pounds.

So now I wonder is this sensitivity some kind of mental thing related to the weight loss or is it physical? Am I the only one who feels things MORE physically?

Feedback would be GREAT


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