Partner of a WLS person

My hubby isn’t very big (maybe 30 pounds more than need be) but he would be pretty happy staying home most weekends playing video games and D&D, not because he hates exercise (he is on his feet all day) but because they are his favorite things.
I went from 463 to 195 and I am in between knee replacements and I have made it clear to him I intend to be active, I intend to see and do stuff I never have or haven’t in decades and I want him beside me.  So he goes along and he enjoys it then I give him his game time…it is a 2 way st, I get bored with the games at time but we talk about them and he has no real interest in food as long as he doesn’t starve and gets a treat once in a while but he listens when I discuss health stuff.
I am so lucky, many relationships shatter to dust when one partner has surgery and loses, mutual insecurities, loss of an eating partner, the WLS person becoming obsessed with all aspects of weight loss and health and not giving time to their partner’s interests even financial issues and sometimes sadly complications with the WLS person’s health can drive people apart.
I was lucky, we started dating a month before my surgery, he had seen me 6 months earlier at my highest weight and by the time we started dating I had lost nearly 50pounds and had become very serious about losing weight. 
He met me when I was already very crippled with arthritis and I am 16 yrs his senior. I laid it on the line, how my surgery would change my body, how I would have to eat and my eventual goal to have my knees replaced as well as the fact that long term damage meant I would most likely never be as healthy as many people my age.
He told me he did not care and drove me to my surgery, that was 3years and 2 months ago…8 weeks ago he took me to the same hospital and waited while they replaced my right knee. In 45 days he will take me there again and be beside me as I recover for a third time he will hold me when I cry, he will worry and he will do everything he can to make it better.
And for that I am lucky and more determined to become and remain healthy than ever before.


One of our engagement pictures a year after surgery and the same dress near our first anniversary last year.


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