Sugar and pain?

I have been reading a lot about carbohydrates and pain (sugars AND grains increasing some people’s pain sensitivity) all I know is I feel so much worse after eating anything grain or sweet, my stomach hates it my guts hate it and my mood goes to hell….AND my pain spikes or at least I notice it more.
There is also the fact that I seem to have no control over myself with carbs, I can’t seem to moderate them.  I honestly thought I could eat “just a few crackers a day” but I start with a few crackers and eat a dozen or more…then I want sweets.
So for this weekend at least I am giving up carbs and seeing if there is any improvement in my pain and my mood and my cravings.
So giving mom the triscuits and Alex my debit card and there really isn’t anything else but a little vodka for him to stash (it crashes my moods anyway) and seeing if I feel better by the end of the weekend despite being off Norco even at night.


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