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Comparative measurements 3 years before and 3 years after WLS

Feb 07 weight approximately 450

Neck 16“
Upper chest 52“ (cup size G-H)
Waist 62“
Hips 82“
Upper arms 20″
R Thighs 42“
R Calf 26″

April 26 2010….Duodenal Switch Weigh Loss Surgery

March 13 weight 216

Neck 13“
Upper chest 37“ (cup size DD-DDD)
Waist 40“
Hips 55“
Upper arms 11.5″
R Thighs 27“
R Calf 17″


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Same dress – 19 months and 65 pounds difference

My wedding dress used as a costume

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More WLS Art Journal Pages


I “painted” my toenails in the pic with gel


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Weight countdown jars

23 months ago in Apr 2010 I had weight loss surgery, I was over 400 pounds, I had weighed 463 pounds when I was first scheduled for surgery in Aug 09 and since then I have lost nearly half my body weight
The half gallon bottle I tried was too small for 229 bamboo pieces (I used bamboo pieces from place mats and dyed them with alcohol ink I made) so this is a Gallon Jar next to a pint jar, my goal by the way is 190… not too worried about getting smaller than that just want to break 200


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10 facts about me and my WLS

There are all these 30 day blog challenges but I hate challenges I am bound to fail so I am picking and choosing some of the prompts I want to try.

I have other blogs on other subjects (art and general info) and I will tailor the prompts to them as well.


Me at 440 and at 235

#1 I am a 42 year old woman in Boise Idaho named T’Rina (correction : I turned 43 in Dec of 2011…4 months later and still getting it wrong)

#2 I had Duodenal Switch on April 26th 2010 (nearly 2 years ago)

#3 I am married to Alex, a wonderful man I started dating a month before surgery when I was still 419 pounds and he has been with me and supportive of me ever since.

#4 I am and always have been very open about my weight loss surgery, I am not a person who is good at hiding things and I have so many very supportive friends that I saw no reason to not give them a chance to be supportive in one of the most important choices of my life

#5 I am an artist, and do a lot of art journaling about my weight loss and how it effects my life, I want to explore more about it in other mediums as well

#6 I have end stage bone on bone arthritis due to being over 400 pounds since I was 29 and over 300 since my very early 20s, the pain from arthritis is better now than before but I will still someday need a double knee replacement

#7 I feel that I have not done as good as I could of due to going into early starvation mode not realizing just how much I NEED to eat as a DS due to malabsorption…as it is I feel I am playing catch up and may never get to under 200 pounds, my goal..there are times it is hard to realize I will most likely always be “fat” but fat and nearly immobile are really a different thing

#8 I was originally scheduled for surgery in early Aug 2009 but due to “last Supper Syndrome” and stupid choices galore I gained 13 pounds in 4 months and was told to lose 33 pounds before I could have surgery, I was 463 pounds on July 27 2009, I lost 52 pounds between then and Apr 26th 2010 and have dropped from 411 on my surgery date to 235 pounds 22 months later.  (total weight loss 228 … loss since WLS 176)

#9 My goal for my 2 year Surgery anniversary on April 26th 2012 is to be 231 pounds, this will make me just slightly smaller than half the size I was at my highest and means I will have lost 180 in 2 years

#10 There are times it is hard for me and times I slack and pay for it with upset stomach, gas and discomfort and there are times I fear I will never be able to reach goal or maintain even this weight but I am determined to try and not slide back…I am not giving up, I am following through with something for once in my life and I hope to be able to help others


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New photos 3-10-12 (plus comparisons) more photos

Here are the photos we took yesterday…235


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Wordless Wednesday-comparison photos

10-2009 (450)

03-07-12 (235)

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